Lovan features a unique " Trisolation System" which provides sensitive electronics components with superior isolation from sound vibration as well as allowing racks o have exceptional stability.


The "Trisolation System" uses sturdy points to connect the meticulously finished shelves of a Lovan audio/video rack as one.  Visually the result seems to suspend in mid air.  Sonically, its effect is more grounded - the sturdy points and modular construction act as a damper, protection your equipment from harmful vibration and giving you cleaner music and voice, more powerful sound effects and tighter, deeper bass.



Trisolation System

We have strong R&D team that is constantly providing new products with innovation design, and we have great passion and teamwork to work among all parties.

Once there was an audiophile and a designer got together to tackle a problem they saw plaguing the world - unsightly and non-functional audio/video furniture.  From this union, a young, design oriented Lovan emerged.


About US

When it comes to Entertainment centers and Hi-Fi rack system, Lovan has one simple goal  in mind - to create furniture that is not only designed to look exquisite, but also to complement your audio video equipment in both traditional and contemporary settings.  With more than 20 years in furniture design and manufacturing, we understand the critical role of structure integrity in the furniture that supports the  need for style and functionality, and will continue to focus, develop and improve some of the most beautiful furniture lines we have to offer in the market.  Our stream line approach will help limiting overall costs, and enable us to provide products of the best value for you.