Our Affinity Series have been designed to combine visual appeal with superior performance.  Constructed from aluminum tube, with 18mm Dark or Light Wood MDF shelves, and brass footers.  It comes with two different models, one with 3 tubing (Affinity 3A P38,, and another one model with four tubing (Affinity 4A P38,  A 7" add on shelf is available for both models

Comes in 38mm diameter Black aluminum tubing

Affinity 3A P38 comes with 18mm Dark or Light  Wood MDF Shelves

W/D/H: 520/420/798mm

Affinity 4A P38 comes only with 18 mm Dark Wood MDF Shelves

W/D/H: 600/460/798mm

40kg loading per layer

Affinity 3A P38 Light Wood Shelves



Model: Affinity 3A & 4A P38

Affinity 4A P38 Dark Wood Shelves